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  • TEKMOF accelerates innovation in all scientific industries through fundamental updates to the "technology infrastructure" that is "technology that freely traps molecules."

  • Medicines, nutrients, environmental pollutants, fuels, etc. are all made of molecules, and there is no industry that touches our lives that is unrelated to molecules. However, we humans do not yet have the technology to handle these molecules so freely.

  • TEKMOF is pursuing the potential of MOF = Metal Organic Framework, a crystalline material with pores that interact with various molecules. We have created various MOFs with strong interaction potential using a kinetics-driven design philosophy. These have advanced molecular trapping capabilities, making it possible to determine the structure of molecules and adsorb gas molecules at an unprecedented level.

  • By using our unique MOF design technology to significantly raise the level of human molecular control technology, we will contribute to solving problems in various fields such as drug discovery, food, the environment, and energy.


Molecular Structure Determination

TEKMOF's multiple MOFs specialized for crystal structure analysis allow us to perform structural analysis of small and medium molecules that are difficult to analyze by HPLC, NMR or MS, including absolute structure determination. Using the world's highest level of excellence in crystallographic analysis, we can handle difficult-to-crystallize molecules and molecules with complex structures.


MOF Products

We sell MOFs for crystal structure analysis, which have greatly improved performance compared to previous MOFs. If necessary, we will provide support for the introduction of crystal structure analysis methods using MOFs and structural analysis consulting services.


New MOF Design

We design and test MOFs to meet industrial needs.

for example,

  1. MOF targeted for structural analysis of compounds with specific chemical properties and structures

  2. MOF targeting adsorption of specific gas molecules

  3. MOF for other applications

We will work on these research and development.

Please feel free to contact us.


MOF Consulting

We provide various consulting services related to research and industrial applications using MOF. We can respond to inquiries in a variety of genres, including structural analysis applications, gas adsorption applications, sensor applications, and catalyst applications. In the laboratory of our founder, Professor Masaki Kawano of Tokyo Institute of Technology, we have developed the basics of MOF by combining technology to create MOFs from ligands based on our own MOF design guidelines and world-class structural analysis technology. We have accumulated technology and outstanding knowledge regarding. On the other hand, through joint research with various companies, we have extensive experience in MOF research aimed at social implementation. We will assist you in both theory and application of MOF.



We take on the challenge of bringing innovation to the field through collaboration with experts in various scientific fields by radically updating scientific infrastructure based on advanced MOF technology.

  • Research and development of high-throughput crystal structure analysis methods

  • Comprehensive structural analysis of biomolecules such as natural products and metabolomics, and research and development on new biotechnology derived from them

  • Creation of other innovative businesses using MOF

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